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Rochester, MI 48309
The Berkley Screw Machine Products Advantage

Considering the purchase of a multi-spindle machine to run your parts? While admirable, it’s not practical. Join the many companies that have come to realize that their resources are best used to focus on their product, and leave the production turning to us!

To all of the captive shops, fast growth can be difficult to keep up with, we are here for your overflow needs.

On first contact with Berkley Screw Machine, you will quickly recognize the efficiencies to be gained and the greater value extracted by sourcing your work to us. You can rest assured, confident your production part will be well manufactured by the trusted hands of Berkley Screw Machine Products, Inc. If your ready to work with a supplier that is committed to a long-term relationship, has the technical experience and the right equipment, then your ready to work with us. Let’s become long term strategic partners in meeting your business objectives, so you can focus on what you do best

Why Berkley Has the Advantage
  • Several types of machines
  • Maintenance personnel specializing in bar automatics
  • Tool makers and a well-equipped tool room
  • Set-up personnel specializing in each machine
  • Machine operators trained to run multiple machines, scheduled for multiple shifts
  • The ability to run your parts 24/7
  • Outsourced secondary work such as heat treating, plating and grinding
Headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan
U.S.A Custom Manufacturing, Serving Our Global Market While Utilizing Global Materials